The wait is over! We’re excited to share with you the first Mixer 2020 preview release introducing the first look at early 3D support.

This first release unlocks features for texturing single objects and restyling Megascans assets, with Multi-channel 3D Painting, Megascans Smart Materials, Real-time 3D Curvature, Material ID Masking, Seamless Texture Projection and so much more.

Each following release will unlock new 3D texturing capabilities, such as multi-texture set support, mirrored UVs, and even more Smart Materials.

Mixer is available for everyone, for free, forever. What’s more: Unreal Engine users also have access to the entire Megascans library for free, right within Mixer. Download Mixer now.

A seamless 3D texturing experience

Load your mesh, apply a Smart Material or two, and 3D paint the finishing touches—it’s that easy. Take creative control and define your unique look, be it stylized, photo-real or beyond.

Paint or sculpt with your custom brushes using the revamped 3D brush system, define wear and tear on your objects using scans and procedural masks, and neatly organize your materials with the new grouping, color tagging, and Smart Material system.

Mixer now gives you the power to completely change the look of any Megascans asset, essentially giving you the control to make the entire library conform to your own style.

With Mixer in your hands, every Megascans or custom asset becomes dynamic and seamlessly adapts to your preferred art direction, biome or unique style. The creative potential is staggering and changes how we perceive scan data as artists, as any asset can now be infinitely adapted to any style or environment extremely quickly.

All-new smart materials workflow

In 2014 we introduced the Smart Material system to the world, forever changing the 3D texturing process. Today the Smart Material workflow is reborn in Mixer, fusing the Megascans library with Mixer’s procedural engine. This provides an exceptionally powerful texturing workflow that can change the look and feel of entire environments in no time.

Creating Smart Materials has never been easier. Just group your selected layers, right-click the group and save it as a Smart Material. Done! What’s more, Mixer 2020 comes packed with dozens of Smart Materials ready to use in your project.

With over one hundred Smart Materials and Megascans assets now available in Mixer for free, plus direct access to the entire Megascans library for free within Mixer for all UE4 users, Mixer now offers you a best-in-class system for building your Smart Material library.

Real-time curvature

Create realistic wear, tear and dirt accumulation with the all-new real-time curvature system. This procedural component adapts dynamically to your geometry, Smart Materials, procedural layers, and brush strokes, giving incredible creative control over the definition of your assets.

Full control over your scans

Mixer now gives you control over every texture map in every layer, offering powerful blending, matching, contrast, inversion, custom texture swapping and opacity control of your layers.

The Placement feature on individual layers has also been revamped from the ground up to give you total freedom over the tiling, scale, and rotation of your texture. All layers now use the Box Projection mode by default, which automatically makes texturing seamless for 3D assets. This workflow greatly simplifies your texturing process as it removes the need for complex UV layouts.

Brand new procedural components

To further improve your texturing process, we’ve added new component mask layers for 3D and 2D texturing, including posterize, projection, layer referencing and more. We’ve also revisited all previous component layers to ensure a smooth 3D texturing experience.

The new Projection Modifier gives you all the power of the new box projection feature in a simple to use procedural layer, opening the door to seamless procedural masks that can leverage procedural patterns and noises.

If you’re familiar with the Position Gradient mask, you’re going to love using it in 3D. The Position Gradient mask component allows you to reposition any given layer on a specific angle of your mesh, all with a flexible range setting that controls its gradient intensity. This can be used to quickly color specific parts of an object, or create procedural masks that aim to replicate gradient colors in stylized textures.

Revamped user experience

Mixer 2020 features a vast array of improvements that simply make it the easiest texturing software on the market. To help you organize your layer stack, we’ve introduced grouping and color tags.

Mixer 2020 also introduces brand new base meshes for you to work on, including primitives such as a rounded cube, sphere, and multiple cylinders, and a slick shader ball that you can use as a model for experimenting with your Smart Materials. Loading Megascans assets is as easy as it gets: click on the 3D asset of your choice, and that’s it.

More to come

Mixer 2020 is a gateway to a new creative landscape where 3D assets can be adapted to any type of biome or style, giving you a virtually infinite library with great customizability. Whether you want to create something organic, a hard surface, or stylized assets, Mixer 2020 has you covered with robust scan data, procedural and hand painting support.

Stay tuned as we continue to push fresh updates and features like texture-set support, multi-object texturing, opacity map controls and so much more.

We’d like to give a shoutout to our amazing beta testing group who have inspired us with their outstanding art, helped shape our roadmap for the future, and also worked closely with us to crush countless bugs. Special thanks to Eric Dinoware, Chris Widdowson, Juan Paulo Mardónez, Chris Evans, Peter Leban, Marian Látečka, Mouton Burger and all the other beta-testers for their dedicated efforts in this release.

Join us this Friday, Feb 28, for an in-depth look into Mixer on the Quixel Livestream.

Here are some stellar examples of what you can achieve with the new Mixer: