Say hello to Bridge 2020! Explore a massively improved browsing experience crafted to save you as much time as humanly possible. And what’s more: unlimited access to the entire Megascans library for use in Unreal—completely free. Also, Bridge is now completely free for everyone, forever. Download it today.

Check out this comprehensive tutorial that covers everything you need to know:

The world’s best content browser

To help inspire your creativity, browsing has become much more visual, relevant, and fun. The new home screen comes to life with sections illustrating the latest collections, trending assets, and the newest uploads across every category.

Explore 100 beautifully curated collections, leverage a much smarter search bar, and experience powerful filtering finally at your fingertips.

To top it off, we have completely revamped categorization for a more refined category tree, and hundreds of thousands of new tags have been added to make search results more precise than ever before.

To further help you find relevant content, in addition to instantly serving you the very latest assets, you can also find trending content as well as related scans that closely match your current selection.

A new way to find your content

Bridge 2020 empowers you to discover new, relevant content much faster than ever before. The search engine now gives you more spot-on results, coupled with complementary suggestions of popular assets and related collections, and matching asset categories.

With the new filter bar, you can refine any search result with specific filters such as asset type, color, biome, state (old, new, damaged), size and much more. Want to find all brown wooden surfaces that look clean and new? Say no more.

The new Collections section has been rebuilt from the ground up and now offers more curated content than ever—and we’re just getting started. Finally get references and renders, and find complete biomes as well as essentials, architectural selections, tutorial assets, community collections, and more.

We’ve worked closely with artists around the world to introduce the new Community collections, which feature incredible environment art made by our amazing community, coupled with the exact assets used in each environment.

After seeing so many requests from artists watching our YouTube tutorials, we have now created dedicated collections for each tutorial, helping you recreate the scenes faithfully without spending eons looking for the assets you saw in the video.

Better, faster, and free forever

We’ve improved the 3D viewer to give you more accurate real-time PBR shaders, plus inertial rotation and zooming.

Additionally, we’ve also updated the Maya, Blender, and Cinema 4D integrations with new improvements and bug fixes. We have also finally introduced support for the Alembic file format, and you can start downloading and exporting .ABC files right away.

But most importantly, Bridge is now completely free for everyone, forever. A paid subscription is no longer needed simply to access, download or export your content at any time.

Free unlimited Megascans for use in Unreal

And finally, the entire Megascans library is now completely free for use within Unreal Engine. Just log in with your UE account and you are all set!

We’re beyond excited to offer the entire Megascans library, Bridge and Mixer completely free of charge. And, in combination with Unreal Engine, creating any world imaginable has never been more exciting!

Check out the Bridge 2020 page for more, and catch us this Friday for the Quixel Livestream.