2019 is nearly here, and like us, you’re likely already making big plans. Much has happened over the past year, and while you’ve grown as an artist, we’ve made it our mission to help you get where you want to be.

We’re very excited about what the future holds.

And thanks to your support, we’re thrilled to announce major improvements to your subscription.

Unused points are finally unlocked

While we are proud to have some of the happiest customers in our industry, one thing that we know has bugged you, (and us), is you being locked out of your stockpiled points if your subscription is inactive.

You can now use your stockpiled points whenever you want, even without an active subscription. This applies to all customers, old and new, effective immediately.

Another major change to your license is that all personal plans now allow for commercial use. So if you were on a Hobby plan before, you’ve now been upgraded automatically, free of cost. Now there’s nothing holding you back from going pro!

What’s more, all Hobby 2K subscribers have now been upgraded to 4K resolution—for free! This means that previously acquired assets will also be automatically upgraded to the new resolution. Merry X-mas!

Introducing premium monthly asset drops

Every month we will pick five premium assets (worth up to 12 points each) that we think you’ll like, and send them your way, totally free. Your monthly free asset drop is personalized just for you, and gets even more relevant the more you use Megascans. Santa is coming early this year — and then every month for all eternity.

Bridge and Mixer now available for as low as $9/mo

Your feedback is incredibly important to us. Thanks to your involvement, a brand new Bridge includes one-click integrations for UE4, 3ds Max, Unity, Maya, Houdini and more, (with Blender and Cinema 4D next), and is fast becoming the definitive content management tool for artists.

Mixer is more creatively empowering than ever, and many of the revolutionary concepts previously confined to our legacy Photoshop tools NDO and DDO are taking on exciting new life forms in this improved stand-alone format.

As the usability of Bridge and Mixer has increased drastically, so has the demand for being able to subscribe to only the tools when you are not in need of more points. Hence, we are introducing the new simple $9/mo license for subscribers to the annual ‘Personal’ plan ($19/mo for monthly subscribers), giving you full access to all the tools without the point refills. It’s easy as a breeze to downgrade at any time, and whenever you need more points, upgrading is just a click away!

Discover our new subscriptions

We’ve reworked our subscriptions to make sure you have exactly what you need to create the best possible art. Learn more, here: quixel.com/pricing

Unveiling the ArchViz Program

More and more artists in ArchViz have started using Megascans extensively over the past year. As we’ve started to learn about the fundamental needs of the ArchViz industry, we are dedicating significant efforts to provide the most requested scans and tools.

As a result, Bridge now allows you to automatically import scans and set up shaders for 3ds max, Vray, Corona, UE4 and more, and we are building entire scan teams specifically for architectural visualization.

But most importantly, we are finally introducing a license made just for ArchViz, developed in close collaboration with Ronen Bekerman. It allows you to work on an unlimited amount of projects per year, and the entire Megascans library has been meticulously curated and trimmed to be as relevant as possible.

Read more about the new plan, here: quixel.com/choose/archviz

Now free for students and schools

While Megascans, Bridge and Mixer are the industry standard for scan content solutions in the AAA games, VFX and ArchViz industries, after having attended many events throughout the year and meeting with students and teachers, we learned that a majority of fresh grads haven’t had the chance to play with the scans and tools, and are thus not fully prepared.

Therefore, we’re now making a huge cross-section of the Megascans library and all tools completely free to students and schools, and have made it easy to deploy to multiple classrooms across entire campuses, without machines having to be connected to the Internet.

You can read more here: quixel.com/education

Now catering to a much wider audience

In addition to the much improved existing plans, the $9/mo plan, the ArchViz license, and the fact that the library and tools are now free for students and universities, we’re also including a new tier for small to medium-sized businesses. You will find it here: quixel.com/choose/business

If you have an Indie Game subscription, your multi-seat access will continue to work as before. You may apply to the Quixel Indie Program under a revenue-share agreement, or, we can set you up with a custom annual or monthly plan. You also have the option to upgrade your access under the new Business plan.

We are excited to take part in helping previously isolated industries converge, and offer individuals, indies and large studios alike the same great content and tools on their path to success. We strongly believe that this level of democratization will lead to more jobs, a more level playing field, and better future entertainment for all of us.

If you want to upgrade to a newly-announced plan, click on ‘Learn More’ under any plan for steps to upgrade to a new plan. You can also email us at support@quixel.se.

What happens to existing subscribers?

Only good things.

All current subscribers will keep their current plans and carry on as usual. And everyone gets free monthly drops!

Megascans now grows exponentially

As you might have noticed, the Megascans library is growing at an exponential rate, in both quality and diversity. This is thanks to our ever-improving scanning technologies and remarkable content teams addressing your imminent needs, capturing the world at an unprecedented pace.

From Iceland to Angkor Wat, from Canada to Cambodia, dozens of new locations have been captured in great detail. A majority of the assets coming up are scanned on popular demand, and over the next year, we strive to meet 100% of your daily requests.

Finally, apart from moving to Quixel.com, you may have also seen that the site is simpler to navigate. There’s a bigger reason for this, as we’re preparing the site for a massive influx of content and a much-enhanced Megascans browsing experience, coming next year.

Stay tuned!