We’re kicking off our first Quixel Mixer contest. We want to showcase the community’s best work using the all-new Mixer.

Here’s how:

Contest guidelines (UPDATED May 26)

  • Create the best looking diorama in the renderer or engine of your choice using materials made with Quixel Mixer
  • Create 1-to-2 material Mixes in Quixel Mixer (you can use as many materials as you want per Mix), and then use these same (1-to-2) created material Mixes as the ONLY tiling material in your render
  • You may use your own custom 3D assets and no more than 5 Megascans 3D assets as flourishes in your render. A Megascans asset containing multiple variations (such as a plant, scatter assets, or debris) still counts as just 1 asset. Also — if you, for instance, create your own 3D plant from a Megascans atlas, it does not count as one of the max 5 Megascans 3D assets
  • So modify Megascans assets as you please — there are extra points for creativity
  • You are also free to use your own custom brushes in your work

Don’t have a Megascans subscription? Sign up for a free 30-day subscription today!

Work-in-progress posts

When posting your WIPs on Twitter, Instagram, or on Facebook, don’t forget to use the hashtag: #QuixelMixer. You could also join and post on our Facebook Group: Quixel Art Community. And if you’re posting work on ArtStation, don’t forget to tag the Mixer in the “Software Used”.

Final submission deadline

Please submit your final project images via email to galen@quixel.se. Be sure to send shots that present a thorough breakdown of your entire scene. 

The global deadline for submitting final entries is 11:59 PM (UTC/GMT) on Monday (June 4).

Announcement of winners

The winners will be presented on the QuixelTools Twitch livestream on June 6.


First place: 

| 6-month Megascans Freelance 8K subscription (240 points)

A Sony PlayStation 4 Pro with three games of your choice (at USD 59.99 each)

Quixel-branded hoodie

Second place:

| 4-month Megascans Freelance 8K subscription (160 points)

| Quixel-branded hoodie

Third place:

| 2-month Megascans Freelance 8K subscription (80 points) 

| Quixel-branded hoodie

Look forward to seeing some great dioramas — all the best!