We’re thrilled to announce the Quixel Mixer beta launch!

Take complete control of your textures with this powerful material mixing and painting application, that allows you to create your own photorealistic materials with incredible ease and speed.

Quixel Mixer lets you make your own materials in a completely non-destructive workflow. Tile automatically and paint in any layer using the multi-channel layer setup. And easy exporting allows you to composite maps in any way you want.

Here is a detailed Quixel Mixer workflow primer by Quixel Art Lead Wiktor Öhman, where he walks us through the app:

Mixer is 100% Megascans-integrated, meaning you can browse the entire online Megascans Library straight from the app, and even import your own custom assets!

There is a zero learning curve with Mixer, and the results are instant.

Access to Mixer is free for all active Quixel Megascans subscribers. You can read more about the features of Mixer on the Quixel Mixer app page.

Boundless creative potential 

With the release of this beta, we also wanted to showcase the potential of this app by having a look at some of the incredible work our colleagues and friends have already started producing using Mixer.

In his very first ArtStation post, Quixel’s Teddy Bergsman illustrates the potential of Quixel Mixer in this breakdown:






And here are a couple of gorgeous materials our friend, Javier Perez (aka Mesh Modeler) created with Mixer:





Finally, here are some creations from Quixel’s Galen Davis:






Super fast material creation

Have a look at how Teddy is able to create a photorealistic material surface in just one minute using Quixel Mixer:

Quixel Mixer is an extremely fast and powerful app to help you create any material surface you can imagine.

Discover Quixel Mixer.