Image credit: Johannes Lindqvist

Hey guys!

We’re excited to announce another true mega release! 300+ scans are now available including branches, large surfaces, snow detail surface scans, a bunch of new volcanic rocks and cliffs, tussocks, leaves, plants, bark chippings and much more.

Another very exciting update is that Megascans Studio now fully supports 32 bit import and export. A range of new file formats are now also supported, including EXR, TIFF and TGA. Megascans Bridge also comes with a number of notable improvements, including Maya export support and improved 32 bit to 8 bit conversion.

Also, we are very pleased to award all Hobby subscribers by adding 32 bit EXR displacement maps for free to the subscription. Displacement EXRs will be automatically downloaded from now on, and you may download EXRs for the materials you already own!

Up next is a wide range of ArchViz surfaces, including wood, marble, fabric, leather, and a few extra surprises. For studios and the more technically minded, we are also very excited to soon be unveiling the Megascans API. Shortly we will also start to reveal the 3D plant scan library. Stay tuned!


Megascans Studio now fully supports 32 bit import and export


Huge batch of a wide variety of tree branch scans have been added


New volcanic rocks and assemblies now available


Large batch of autumn leaves added


Snow detail surfaces of varying levels of dirtiness have been scanned


New 2×2 meter surfaces are now available


  • 300+ new scans
  • Snow detail surface scans
  • Huge set of branches, leaves, tussocks, plants, bark chippings and more
  • Large batch of new volcanic rocks and assemblies
  • 32 bit EXR displacement maps (2K) now available also for Hobby subscribers
  • Downloads now start faster


  • Full 32 bit import/export support
  • Improved surface blending quality
  • Added support for EXR, TIFF and TGA
  • Now possible to delete and rename projects
  • Improved Save As Surface feature
  • Added bit depth and file format dropdowns in Exporter
  • Added bottom plane
  • Fixed material extraction crash
  • Additional stability and bug fixes


  • Maya support – Read Megascans Bridge Guide for details
  • 32 bit to 8 bit conversion improved to now automatically apply correct gamma
  • Added support for selecting export format and size for all maps from single dropdown
  • Fixed material extraction crash
  • Export settings now persist
  • Additional stability and bug fixes