Image credit: GV Prashanth

Hey everyone!

This week Megascans sees its biggest content update to date, with over 300 atlases from all over the world, including thousands of tropical plants, autumn leaves, and branches. Also being added this week is an entirely new category; “Abstract Art” for Archviz, painted exclusively for Megascans. Next, we’re preparing a big batch of brand new tileable surfaces for next week, as well as a super diverse collection of over 100 new branch scans. Be on the lookout!


Many new scans are now available


A single Tropical leaf out of the thousands released this week


Abstract paintings are now part of the library

Megascans Studio has also gotten a significant update this week, now supporting the much-requested ability to tweak the scale and amount of repetitions per material layer, a new and much improved asset loading and saving menu, allowing you to organize your assets into different projects. You’ll also notice a number of optimizations and performance boosts.


You can now scale any surface layer


New and improved saving and loading now available

The Lava pack is soon at full capacity, with even more cliff meshes now having been unlocked this week. These are perfect for cobbling together to build giant, sharp cliff walls. The full pack will soon be available for separate purchase — before that happens a whole new type of material category of Megascans will be unveiled. Stay tuned!


New volcanic assets are now live

Lastly, today Megascans was awarded “Best in Class” and a 5 star review by 3D World Magazine. We are incredibly honored! The full review can be read here.


3D World describes the Megascans updates as “a fresh content delivery rate somewhere between enthusiastic and insane”. They ain’t seen nothing yet 🙂



  • 300 New Atlases from all over the world
  • 25 New Nordic autumn leaf atlases
  • Introducing abstract art with 12 paintings
  • New volcanic assets



  • Support for tweaking scale and number of repetitions per material layer
  • New and improved project loading/saving menus, allowing for more advanced organization
  • Snappier tweaking
  • UX: Projects are now called assets
  • UX: Introducing asset groups called projects
  • OSX: Fixed browsing for license files
  • OSX: Fixed browsing for some texture files
  • Bugfix: Fixed corrupt normals after loading save with one layer with height noise
  • Bugfix: Fixed Save as Surface freezing with resolution setting higher than Working resolution
  • Bugfix: Fixed some issues for exporting in higher resolutions than the working resolution
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in mask generation, sometimes causing extreme stretching of displacement
  • Optimization: Faster rendering of the first layer
  • UI: Added project folder creation and browsing