Welcome to the Medieval Game Environment, an immersive, playable experience set in an eerily serene, remote village, available for free download on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. As a player, you can explore this interactive demo and take in the sights and sounds of a fully dynamic, high-fidelity environment rendered in realtime using the Quixel Megascans ecosystem inside of Unreal Engine.

This project highlights some of the most exciting features in Unreal Engine 4.26. These include one of the major new toolsets added to Unreal Engine: modeling tools, along with lighting using the new SkyAtmosphere system in conjunction with the new Volumetric Clouds.

Medieval Game Environment comes with an elaborate tutorial series that covers key elements for environment artists and creators. Walking you through our process, we highlight the power and immense potential of leveraging existing scan data to build unique 3D assets right inside the engine. We begin with project conception and landscape creation; then cover techniques around building the structures you see in the environment; the procedural techniques in making foliage; set dressing; and cap off with the use of the SkyAtmosphere system for lighting.

The entire environment is downloadable for free. We encourage you to follow along with this tutorial series and get a jump start on creating your own realtime experiences with Unreal Engine and the Megascans library.

In addition to the techniques outlined in the tutorials, the team relied on Procedural Foliage Volumes to quickly create huge swaths of land with deep forests and lush fields, and spline meshes for elements like the road, paths and fences. Splines were also used to a large extent to control the landscape, while Runtime Virtual Textures were extensively utilized to help blend 3D assets with the landscape.

These techniques have been covered in previous tutorials, which you can dive into on the Quixel YouTube channel.

The project relied on the Medieval Village Collection from Megascans, along with an array of foliage, vegetation, surfaces and 3D hero assets — all available in the library. Quixel Mixer was used to help create key elements in the environment.

Signing in using your Unreal Engine account grants you free, unlimited access to the Megascans library, so get started today!

Have fun making great art. Till next time.

Team Quixel