Following the support of 3D Texturing and Smart Materials, this Quixel Mixer 2020.1.6 adds 65 new scan-based Smart Materials along with a powerful new feature: advanced mask export. This highly requested feature enables you to combine, channel pack and export advanced masks, leveraging Mixer’s versatile mask stack and material blending engine.

The ability to utilize these masks in other applications allows you to easily create high-quality variations of your materials directly inside the app of your choice.

Mixer is available for everyone, for free, forever, including its enormous base library of hundreds of free scans and Smart Materials. What’s more — Unreal Engine users have access to the entire Megascans library for free, right within Mixer. Download Mixer now.

Mask Exports – simple, powerful, flexible.

Masks are an essential component for creating textures within Mixer. When used with game engines and offline renderers, these masks are vital for creating complex assets or large environments while optimizing texture memory usage, or creating variations on the fly. Using masks can make iterations faster while giving full control over texel density in your DCC.

The new mask export feature is a simple yet exceptionally powerful tool that gives you the ability to export any mask made inside Mixer. Whether you want to export the mask of a layer, convert a paint layer into a mask, combine masks from different layers, or pack multiple masks into a single file, Mixer has got you covered.

And the best part is, there’s no need to change your current workflow. Simply construct your mask like you normally would, and with just a few clicks your mask will be exported based on your output settings. It’s that simple!

Super simple setup

The new Mask Export feature gives you full control over how you want to set up your mask exports. You can either set up a simple export from one layer, or create a composite mask based on multiple layers without leaving your creative zone

Powerful editor – tweak and visualize instantly

There is now an intuitive editor that allows you to preview and tweak your masks in real-time. You can easily tweak your masks’ blending mode, order, and visibility. The preview is displayed directly in the viewport so that you have real-time, instant feedback as you adjust the settings. There is no longer a need to do multiple tedious exports and composite your masks in another application.

Straightforward exports

Exporting a mask utilizes the familiar map export workflow. All you need to do is add a new map in the export list, give it a name, assign your mask data and hit export. The channel packing functionality enables you to optimize your masks by packing up to four masks in a single map.

Creating masks inside Mixer with its intuitive layer based workflow is incredibly powerful yet simple. And now, you can harness that power anywhere you want. For more details please check out the latest tutorial below or visit the Quixel Mixer manual page on Mask Exports.

New premium Smart Materials pack

This release also comes with 65 amazing new Smart Materials. This Smart Material pack focuses on weathered and derelict materials including a large variety of metals as well as woods and rubbers—some of the most highly requested materials.

Working behind a proxy server? No problem!

Additionally, this release also introduces proxy support for running Quixel Mixer on networks behind a proxy server, making Mixer more accessible than ever to studios with advanced network setups.

Coming soon: Multiple Texture Sets and UDIMs

We have been hard at work on supporting Multiple Texture Sets and are now in the final phase of development. This first preview will also have full UDIM support, as well as painting seamlessly across both texture sets and UDIMs.

Get your hands on Quixel Mixer, for free, today.