Our very own Jonathan Holmes recently walked us through the creation of his stunning real-time Pine Flatwoods scene in Unreal Engine in an exclusive comprehensive breakdown on 80 Level.

Jonathan showcases a number of elements in the scene, beginning with his use of Quixel Mixer and its Smart Materials to create elements and terrain:

He then provides a detailed guide to creating foliage native to the Floridian peninsula leveraging SpeedTree and assets from the Quixel Megascans library:

His work in Unreal Engine 4.25 is also covered extensively. From exporting SpeedTrees to Unreal Engine to detailed material setups. He also illustrates his use of Unreal Engine’s new SkyAtmosphere system.

Jonathan also touches on scene design, layout, and camera work:

Jonathan is an active part of Quixel’s online presence. You can find him and others from Team Quixel on the Quixel Art Community on Facebook—a fantastic resource for artists, and a great place to share your work and hear from the team.

Dive into the complete breakdown on 80 Level.