We just hit a milestone in the Megascans library — there are now over 10,000 high-quality assets available for you to build your worlds. To help you get the most out of this huge library, we have significantly lowered the price of the assets, giving you access to way more content for your current subscription.

Going big

You now have access for up to 6 times more content for your current subscription!

Starting today, as we announce a larger library, we’re making everything more accessible, and much simpler to use.

We’re slashing the number of points each asset costs and simplifying the structure overall. A surface will now only cost 2 points and any 3D model will cost only 4 points (previously as high as 12 points each). An asset of any other type is just 1 point each, including decals, atlases, displacements, imperfections and so on. On a Personal plan, that’s 30 surfaces, or 15 3D models, or 60 assets of other types.

That’s 3x to 6x more content than before, which means, you can make your scenes larger and richer with the same point budget.

Thank you for being awesome

To thank you for all your support in getting us here, we’re also crediting your accounts with 100 points if you’re an active subscriber. And this offer also applies to anyone who subscribes within the next week, so tell your friends!

Our secret sauce is the world around us

When we first set out to capture the world, having the largest and fastest-growing library of photorealistic scans was just a dream. Today, Megascans is an industry standard. From high-end virtual productions, films and AAA games, to student films and indie projects.

The Megascans library is made up of scans taken from hundreds of locations around the world. The temples of Angkor Wat, the open stretches of Iceland, the cliff faces of Australia, the remains of the Roman Empire, and even your corner street. This rich representation of planet Earth is in the library today and added to by an ever-expanding team of passionate people in every corner of the world.

Megascans is the one place on the internet where you can find real-world scanned data of huge cliff faces, crumpled autumn leaves, broken industrial concrete, and ham (yes, ham).

Hearing from you

We have always strived for Megascans to be the industry leader in both the quality and breadth of content available. Please do use our feedback mechanism within the library to tell us what you need or cannot find in the library.

What’s next for the library

Thousands of new scans will be added this coming year, captured in exotic places all across the globe. Medieval villages, the streets and countryside of Japan, and scorching desert dunes are just a few of the expeditions coming up next. Urban facades and modular house building kits are high up on the agenda.

Detailed surfaces are also a major focus, including ridiculously high-resolution fabrics and leathers. Also, expect truly large-scale assets made possible by years of research and hardware development, including mountains, terrains, and—finally—trees!

Tune in this Friday for the Quixel Livestream, where we’ll walk you through the Megascans Ecosystem.