Today, we announce a new way to create your games using Megascans, Bridge, and Mixer — the Quixel Indie Program. The Indie Program gives you a complete ecosystem to take your project from prototype to publish.

If your project is selected to be part of the program, we will empower you with all the tools you need and connect you with funding and publishing partners in our network so you can execute your vision.

Once you’re published and making money, we move towards a 2.5% revenue share model.

We want (nay, need!) more great games in the world, and want to make game development as simple as possible. We want you to focus on creation, without the worry.

The Quixel Indie Program in a nutshell

— Full access to Quixel’s entire suite of tools, including Megascans, Mixer, and Bridge

— Full access to our partners to help you build, fund and publish your project

— Extended technical support from Quixel

— No upfront cost

— 2.5% of future revenue once you’re making money

When you’re accepted into the Quixel Indie Program, here’s what you get.

Quixel Megascans — The world’s leading online library of scanned materials based entirely on real-world data. High-resolution, PBR calibrated surfaces, atlases, and 3D assets ready for your game. 

Quixel Bridge — Bridge connects Megascans to your favorite tools. Browse, manage, batch download and export assets straight from your desktop.

Quixel Mixer — A simple and intuitive material authoring tool to create photorealistic tileable materials in seconds with powerful texture mixing and painting.

Our partners will be looking to help you build, fund, and publish your project.

Build: Houdini
SideFX will provide Houdini Indie licenses for developers on the Quixel Indie Program.

Build: SpeedTree
SpeedTree will provide Indie modeler licenses for developers on the Quixel Indie Program.

Fund: Goodbye Kansas Game Invest
Promising inductees to the program will be introduced to Goodbye Kansas Game Invest. 

Publish: Coffee Stain Publishing
Coffee Stain Publishing will be looking to work with the best inductees in the program.

Extended support — Access to our knowledge base, team members, tutorials, training sessions, tips, tricks, and advice.

Integrated tools — Work with standardized and deeply integrated Quixel tools and materials that work seamlessly with all major real-time engines, modeling apps, and renderers.

Newbie or veteran, the Quixel Indie Program is for you

First-time game dev or AAA veterans going solo; a team of clockwork ninjas or an army of one — we’re looking to work with talented developers on great ideas.

Remember, we want to be able to see your vision, and so we encourage you to put together a prototype (at whatever stage of tech you’re at) for us to see when you apply.

We want the world to know about your game. Apply today