The inaugural Quixel Mixer contest has come to a close — and what a fantastic way to kick-off the launch of the powerful new tool!

This contest was intended to be a way for the community to show us their chops when it came to custom materials in the form of a diorama with some flourishes in the form of 3D assets.

There were many fantastic entries, and the votes are in. Here are the winners of the first-ever Quixel Mixer contest:

First place — Samuel Púchovský

This wonderful rocky mountain summit by Samuel Púchovský captures a spirit all its own. On Quixel’s Twitch live stream, Wiktor Öhman said he even felt some Frank Frazetta vibes from Samuel’s art style and approach to colors. We absolutely loved this one! Find this submission on Instagram.

Samuel wins a 6-month Megascans Freelance 8K subscription (240 points), a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro with three games of his choice, and a Quixel hoodie.

Second place — Daniel Bauer

“Conquistador del Quixel” is a wonderful miniature world the communicates the essence of its theme beautifully. We loved the playfulness of this diorama. There is a lot going on here, and all done in clever and inventive ways.

Daniel wins a 4-month Megascans Freelance 8K subscription (160 points), and a Quixel hoodie.

Third place — Georgian Avasilcutei

“New Road” is a wonderful study in detail and texture. We loved the vegetation on this one, as well as the overall presentation of the work.

Georgian wins a 2-month Megascans Freelance 8K subscription (80 points), and a Quixel hoodie.


And here are some truly honorable mentions:

Honorable mention — Aaron Westwood

Aaron brought us this beautiful forest scene that is just dripping with detail. As always, Aaron brings his hallmark moodiness and deep atmosphere to this scene.

Honorable mention — Kenneth Bested

Kenneth’s (aka Knn B) stone pathway is an impressive study in rock formations and mood. It even gave Wiktor some God of War flashbacks, with the stone pillars and winding staircase.

Honorable mention — Eric Klokstad

Eric (aka kloks kloks) brought us this tranquil stream-side diorama, which captures all the intricacies of its theme. Some wonderful Mixes were employed in this scene, as well as great breakdown shots for the presentation. 

Honorable mention — Ehsan Ebrahimzadeh

Our final mention is the talented Ehsan, who delivers a truly remarkable scene in Unreal Engine 4 along with some fantastic Mixes.


Our first contest has been a terrific display of talent. We look forward to the next one!