Hey, everyone!

We are really excited to announce some major updates to our apps. Since the launch of the revamped site last November, we have received some very helpful feedback from you — and we have listened to it keenly.

Here is a breakdown of some of the new updates and features we’ve released for megascans.se.

A wave of brand-new content and all-new categories

What you come to Megascans for is the content. And we’ve been publishing a wealth of new scans spanning a wide range of new asset categories: from decals to metal surfaces and imperfections, from brushes to displacements, and from 3D plants to castle assets and dead trees.

Teddy New Content

Be sure to check them out in the library today. And share your awesome creations using these new scans — we’d love to see (and share) them.

Library updates

There are lots of improvements in the library; some small, others huge — and they all add up to a great user experience.

Each grid image now has a lot more information which you can see without having to click on the asset. The grid remains clean, and the additional information does not obscure the scan thumb preview.

A much-requested feature was to display asset names on the grid permanently, and not just on hover. There are also nifty new hashtags on each asset, to help you identify the type or subtype of each asset. You can click on these to quickly filter all assets in a category.

Teddy Library Correct

Another highly requested feature was to have the ability to download assets right from the grid, without having to go inside the asset popup. Now when you hover over the assets, the download button appears on the top right corner of the asset, letting you download as you browse.

Teddy Library updates 2 with cursor

Larger notification dropdown

There have also been improvements made to the notifications center. The dropdown is now bigger and bolder to make room for large high-quality previews and to help you better overview the rapid expansion of the Megascans library.

Teddy Notifications

Annual subscriptions

We launched annual subscriptions back in November last year. At the time it was only possible to switch to these new annual plans after first getting a monthly subscription. In this update, new subscribers will be able to subscribe to annual plans right from the Pricing page.

Existing subscribers on monthly plans will also be able to switch to annual plans from the pricing page. Annual subscriptions offer 25% off as well as unlocking a years’ worth of points upfront, perfect when you need many assets right away.

Annual Sub

Social sharing

Now, when you share the link of an asset on Facebook, Twitter, or on messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype, or Messenger, it will appear with a high-quality image preview along with the asset’s name. Now your friends and colleagues can instantly identify what you’ve shared.

Teddy Social Share

We have also been hard at work on several bug fixes and improvements in this update. We hope you enjoy these enhancements, and that they help boost your workflows.