This blog was submitted to us by Per Bellersen, a first-time user of Megascans. Per is a talented artist from Germany who was eager to share his experience using Megascans, and how it helped him achieve a cave scene he had envisioned.

In Per’s words:


I’m Per Bellersen, a game design student from Berlin.

I started with 3D a couple of years ago as a hobby. This led to a one-year internship as an environment artist at Piranha Bytes, a small German games developer.

After that, I wanted to learn more about games in general. So besides my studies, I continued to dabble in environment stuff. That’s where I discovered Quixel Megascans.

While I enjoy creating 3D environments from scratch, at times it’s just too time-consuming. And here’s where I’m glad I found Megascans to help me build out my scenes. 

My goal was to build an environment, using 100% Megascans, rendered in CryEngine V.

After gathering references, some tutorials, and knowledge of the assets in the Megascans library, I felt well prepared to get started.

The first result with one cliff, rock, stone pile and ground material:


After adding some ferns and hanging plants:



Since some caves are quite wet and humid, I increased the glossiness in order to make the ground material look more realistic and interesting:

plus 20 fov copy

It was not just scene dressing, there was still a bit of normal asset work to do – like modeling the low poly vegetation from atlas sheets, as well as some small color corrections. This is not a big deal – you can easily tweak the assets and they’re good for every situation.

And if you don’t want to do this extra work, the Megascans library offers ‘collections’, where you’ll find related assets grouped together. Furthermore, there are even several 3D plants to choose from, with new assets, surfaces, and atlases being added to the library continuously. 

It was great to work with such high-quality assets. They are easy to modify, and look fantastic even if you do not change them at all!”

To see more from Per, check out his ArtStation page.

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