3D plants consistently remain amongst the highest downloaded assets from our library each month. As with all things Megascans, our 3D plants are built with 100% scanned data and animation-ready for a wide variety of uses; including games, VFX, visualizations — and even mobile.

The Megascans library offers 3D plant assets that you’re not likely to find elsewhere — such as our creeper assets, which include the English Ivy



… and the Creeper Ivy variants:



The Fern asset will offer more depth to foliage, making it ideal for jungle and forest scenes:



How about breaking up all that green?

Our Dry Plant Set offers a great contrast to environments and helps tremendously in realizing desolate, harsh scenes:


While our Common Coleus (Solenostemon Scutellarioides) asset, in both Flame Nettle and Painted Nettle, further enriches lush environments with dashes of color:



Building 3D plants

When building 3D plant assets, actual plants are broken down to the smallest design detail and scanned from every angle. These scans are then converted into 2D images and meticulously stitched together by our talented artists. Contextual photography helps our artists craft these 3D plant assets to be as realistic as possible, adding lifelike detail to any environment.

Extensive compatibility

We put in a lot of work to make sure these 3D plant assets are compatible with every kind of game, VFX, or visualization project. Levels of detail (LODs) are provided for each asset; ranging from extremely high-polygon counts to billboards, and everything in between. This makes our assets instantly usable on all platforms, including mobile.

We’ve also made significant advances in building bigger, more complex 3D plant assets. These are in the works. Expect to hear more on this soon.

Custom collaboration

We also work closely with our clients to develop custom assets, tailored to their individual project needs. Recent examples include our collaboration with Unity Technologies for their interactive demo, Book of the Dead, released earlier this year.

Keep revisiting the Megascans library to view and download new 3D assets, tileable surfaces, and intricate atlases — uploaded every single day.