You’ve probably already seen Starz original TV series American Gods. If you have, you’ve also noticed that each episode starts with a Coming to America story to show how the old gods first came to the new world. In episode 5, called “Lemon Scented You”, we get into the story of Atsula and her people crossing the land bridge from Siberia 25,000 years ago to follow their god Nunyunnini to America.


This introduction is beautifully designed and produced by the Toronto based studio Tendril Design and Animation. With the realistic feel of the environment and the unique and rough design of the characters, they’ve managed to make the sequence visually breathtaking.

For the production of the forest environment, Tendril used Megascans to create a realistic yet enchanting atmosphere. Co-founder Chris Bahry shared his experience by saying: 

“Megascans stands alone as the platinum standard for photorealistic environment creation. The exceptional quality and care that went into creating each asset is instantly evident and has made Megascans a joy for our team to work with and integrate in production.”



To share more, Tendril 3D Artist Christian Hecht, made a tutorial with an overview of how Megascans assets were used to create the environment in this very unique episode.