Today we’re releasing the Lava Field Pack, large library updates and a batch of tutorials, showing how Megascans is used in a wide range of creative spaces including Real-time, VFX and ArchViz. Learn useful techniques from David Lesperance (Riot, Valve), Daniel Woje (Quixel, Blur Studio), Santi Sánchez (Tresde ArchViz Studio) and Alex Maltsev (Baker Team).

Lava Field Pack is Here

Finally available as a pack, Lava Field includes a huge set of rugged volcanic assets, perfect for creating desolate wasteland/alien landscapes or adding a harsher feel to any scene. In this ecosystem you’ll find large cliffs and stone slab sections for creating environments on a grand scale.

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Tutorial Bonanza!

If you are looking for some volcanic inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Check out the following tutorials to learn all about using Lava Field in UE4, 3dsmax, Redshift and Corona.

Megascans for Real-time and UE4 with David Lesperance

David Lesperance walks us through the creative process of using Megascans in modern art pipelines.

Megascans for VFX with Redshift and 3dsmax

Daniel Woje gives an in-depth look on how to achieve photo-realism with Megascans, Redshift, ForestPack and 3dsmax.

Megascans for ArchViz and Corona with Santi Sánchez

Santi Sánches took Megascans for a serious spin while creating the award-winning METEORA ArchViz project. Read the full break-down on Ronen Bekerman’s blog.

Megascans with Cinema4D, Octane Render and Fusion

Lastly, in addition to volcanic scenery, Alexander Maltsev shows how he used Megascans to create his latest award-winning project.

Massive Library Updates

The library is now filled to the brim with new assets, including a taste of the new Rocky Grassland biome, a huge batch of rock floors, asphalt, marble and mulch, as well as new vegetation, trees, 3D assemblies, debris and much more. A small selection:



And in case you missed it, we also just updated over 300 of the latest surfaces with notable improvements to tiling and albedo, normal, occlusion and displacement fidelity. These surfaces have been marked “Updated”, and you can now re-download them for free.

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That concludes this week’s update. We hope you’ll pick up a thing or two from the latest batch of tutorials, and that you have lots of fun with the new assets. And as always, feel free to share your latest art in the Quixel Tools Group with the community.