With the launch finally behind us, we are very excited to evolve Megascans into the all-encompassing library that we’ve dreamed of for so long. We received invaluable feedback from you, our community, and we tried to implement as much as possible. We now have the option for both Freelancer and Indie 8K options; additionally, we also added a subscription tier for companies that fall right between Indie and Commercial Studio.

Moving forward, we have a lot of exciting things coming up. Not only will Megascans Studio and Bridge receive some fantastic new features, but the Megascans library will grow substantially as well. There are currently thousands of materials in the backlog that are being processed through our compilers, combined with hundreds of new materials being scanned each week. We aim to provide textures for any type of project, style and platform.

Megascans has already begun to change the industry. We are thrilled that so many of you have already incorporated it in to your workflow and we’re thrilled that many of the industry’s biggest studios are already on board. This is just the beginning of what Megascans will eventually become. Expect many great things in the future, we are excited to go there together with you!

“Megascans provides the highest quality source material with intuitive tools to combine, permute and create unique new content.”
– Tom Burlington, Technical Art Director at Bungie.

“Megascans is the best value I’ve seen for top quality PBR assets. Quixel even provides all the customization options you need to make sure materials scale to your pipeline. Get equipped with Megascans.”
– Matt Walker, Production Manager at Capcom

“If there is one thing the Avalanche Engine and games are known for, it is epic worlds with beautiful landscapes and vistas. We looked at Megascans to see if it could help in our next generation of Terrain technology. We are very happy with the quality and diversity of the assets as well as with the team behind it. We expect to use it for the foreseeable future.”
– John Fuller, Avalanche Studios

“Megascans were a lifesaver for the production of our real-time short Adam.”
– Veselin Efremove, Creative director at Unity Technologies

“Megascans is an amazing set of assets, With a large variety of samples and the incredible quality of each layer, Megascans has become an indispensable resource for MPC artists when building photorealistic environments.”
– Damien Fagnou, CTO at MPC Film

“Quixel’s Megascans is an amazingly robust software solution – we believe that by combining it with Radeon ProRender’s capabilities will yield beautiful results.”
– Bruno Stefanizzi, AMD Radeon ProRender

“We had initially budgeted a month for an environment build, but with careful use of the mega-scans library our artist had an impressive test render after just one week. The client was so happy with the result they shortened their shooting schedule and let us handle several tricky shots as full CG. Easier for them, easier for us.”
– Matt Smith, CG Supervisor at Marza Animation Planet