One week has passed since release week, and the Quixel team has been gathering feedback non-stop from the community. We are excited to roll out the first batch of updates to all Megascans subscribers, including over 100 new scans, custom import support for Megascans Studio, new export profiles for Megascans Bridge, a new tutorial video and much more. Below you’ll find some of the most significant updates that await you!


  • 40+ new 2×2 m surface scans, including concrete, grass, mud, plaster and more
  • 70+ new scandinavian forest atlases, comprising over 750+ new plant specimens
  • Introducing: Megascans News Blog
  • Announcing: Adding 8K subscription models for Freelancer and Indie*
  • Announcing: Adding subscription upgrade support, only paying the difference*
  • Announcing: Adding discounts for when adding more points*

*New prices will be announced and go live tomorrow on the 8th of September.

UE4 environment textured with the new Nordic forest atlases
100+ new scans now available, including vegetation and 2×2 m surfaces


  • Custom surface import support
  • Fixed bug where the Studio would get stuck on extracting zip files
  • Fixed bug where Studio would not extract multiple zips while running
  • Additional stability and bug fixes
  • New video tutorial: creating a winter landscape with Megascans Studio and UE4

Custom importer interface

Megascans Studio + UE4: Creating Ice and Snow tutorial


  • Corona 1.4 + 3ds max export preset
  • Redshift 2 + 3ds max export preset
  • Arnold + 3ds max export preset
  • iRay + 3ds max export preset
  • Octane 3 + 3ds max export preset
  • Maxwell + 3ds max export preset
  • ART + 3ds max export preset
  • Vray AL + 3ds max export preset
  • fStorm + 3ds max export preset
  • Fixed issue where the Bridge would take up huge CPU resources
  • Fixed bug where the Bridge would get stuck on extracting zip files
  • Fixed bug where Bridge would not extract multiple zips while running
  • Updated Max scripts for better error checking
  • Additional stability and bug fixes


  • One-click Megascans importer, for extracting Megascans right into your DDO material library
  • 10 extra Megascans materials pre-added to the DDO material library
  • Tons of fixes and optimizations
  • Unlocked Megascans button* taking you to

New Megascans import feature + new Megascans materials in DDO

*Note to everyone who purchased any Quixel product before 8/23/16
Check your mail! As of 8/29 you can now log in with a free 1 month Freelancer subscription including 50 points + 1 month Megascans Studio.