Today we’re excited to bring you an all new Megascans – and it’s just in time for our 1 year anniversary.

But first, here is a quick look back at our first year: Since the launch of Megascans in 2016, the tools have evolved, new integrations have taken shape, the user base has blown up, and the Megascans library has grown over 4x, making it the world’s largest and most diverse scan library.

Megascans 2018 is our biggest update yet, with many significant upgrades, hundreds of tweaks and lots of polish. Here are a few of the new and improved experiences that await you.

A brand new site

  • New look and feel: This update brings you a sleek and shiny web app that looks great on all your screens, and is also snappy and responsive.
  • Improved layout: We’ve redesigned the library layout to fit more assets on your screen for a clearer, more efficient browsing experience.
  • Better organised: You’ll find the library to be cleaner and more structured. With all assets neatly organised into categories in the library sidebar, you can now quickly find what you’re searching for.
  • Clearer overview: All Megascans asset previews have now been beautifully re-rendered with high-contrast mono lighting, making it far easier to distinguish between surface properties, and also experience the surface in its full lustre as it would appear in your final projects.


Powerful search gets you results

  • Revamped search experience: Search is lightning fast, with every category and subcategory now instantly accessible. And with our new powerful tags, finding assets has never been easier.
  • Search by ecosystem: You can now search the entire Megascans library by environment. Discover all specimens from an ever-growing list of ecosystems, and create environments with unprecedented realism.

Never miss a beat with new Notifications

With hundreds of new assets now being scanned every week, the new Megascans Notification centre will help you quickly catch up on what’s new since your last visit. Never miss out on new scans, tool updates, plug-in releases, tutorials or major announcements — real-time notifications keep you in the loop on everything Megascans.

Download settings simplified

  • Painless downloads: Download settings have been revamped to give you more control over what you download. You can now tailor your download settings by selecting just the components you need.
  • New Material Presets: If you’re unsure of which maps to download for your renderer, simply selecting the Material Preset of your choice will help you correctly configure your download.

An even more diverse scan library

  • New assets: We’ve been busy this past year scanning different types of objects and materials to give the Megascans library more breadth. In addition to a large number of new scans, you will also find several new asset types so that you have more variety available on hand for any kind of project.
  • Free scans: Take Megascans for a ride with our latest selection of high quality free assets. With a wide range of new asset types our free scans now offer a fresh mix of superior quality assets for you to play with.

Community Gallery


Head over to the Gallery to see some of the best work created in Megascans and Quixel tools by artists around the world. You can also submit your own artwork that you created using our tools. Our staff hand picks the best work to bring under the community spotlight on this gallery.

So go on ahead and give the new Megascans a spin. Sign up now or get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

This release marks the next stage of Megascans, now bigger, faster, stronger, and more beautiful than before. We look forward to another year of innovation and growth, and to bring you exciting new features, more integrations and diverse content. Stay tuned.