This week we are wrapping up the vegetation portion of the nordic biome which is going out with a bang! Close to 2,000 additional plant specimens have been added in this week’s update, and it includes the highest resolution plant scans ever seen.



You can see the new nordic vegetation in action HERE – a breath taking collection of ArchViz scenes created by the very talented students at State of Art Academy in Venice, Italy. If you happen to be in Italy next month, Quixel is giving a talk on Megascans and its upcoming ArchViz libraries – learn more HERE. (Edit: this event is now sold out.)


Next up we are preparing a number of high fidelity tileables, including ArchViz detail surfaces as well as tileable moss and forest floors, plus a new set of large rock floor surfaces. A few extra surprises are also cooking. In addition to more content, Megascans Studio has also received a large number of important workflow improvements this week based on your feedback.

This week we’ve also added even more volcanic assets, including sharp rock assemblies and single object scans, as part of the upcoming Lava Field ecosystem. Next up for this ecosystem is burnt wood and huge cliffs — stay tuned, and expect lots of more cool stuff to come.



  • 110+ new Scandinavian forest atlases, comprising close to 2,000 new plant specimens – View here
  • New round of 3D assemblies and objects from the upcoming Lava Field pack



  • Added auto-level for displacement maps in exporter (avoiding over/under exposure)
  • Zips now extract silently in the background immediately as you download new assets

  • Fixed crash when working on high-res projects on NVIDIA cards
  • Added height info file for exported surfaces (useful for scripting)

  • Resolution in filename is now optional in exporter

  • Added per surface subfolder toggle in exporter

  • Improved updater interface / workflow

  • Fixed broken Add surface button

  • Fixed broken preview for changing liquid color

  • Fixed Solid Layers displacement bug

  • Fixed a bug where the albedo color was always reset when reloading layers