Quixel today announced the public beta release of Megascans, now the world’s largest online scan resource, containing thousands of standardized and physically based surface scans, vegetation scans and 3D scans. Quixel simultaneously introduced a new line of standalone art tools, Megascans Studio and Megascans Bridge, for easily mixing and customizing surface scans, and quickly exporting scans to major engines and renderers.

“Megascans is a massive leap forward for scan-based pipelines,” explains Teddy Bergsman, CEO and co-founder of Quixel. “It exists to make working with advanced scan data fun and easy, solving important issues like consistency, quality and speed in production. Developed in association with industry professionals from major studios including ILM, DICE, The Mill and MPC, we are thrilled to finally release this collective effort that is Megascans to the public.”

The first beta wave unlocks a substantial part of the Megascans natural library (as recently showcased in Disney’s The Jungle Book), with more waves coming during the course of the beta, including organic and hard-surface scans.

Megascans comprises highly standardized and customizable content, made to plug directly into pipelines ranging from films to games, advertisement to archviz, mobile to VR and more. The library is built around a philosophy of complete ecosystems from the very small to the very large, covering every specimen of a growing variety of biomes, and is rapidly expanding with hundreds of scans every week.

The online Megascans library is available for subscription from $19/month for hobbyists, to $29/month for freelancers, with additional options for studios and indie teams, and the entire line of new scan-based desktop tools is included with the subscription at no additional cost.